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The Prayer

The Prayer
Kaitlyn Holcomb

She makes the highest grades in her class,
She never tells a lie.
And yet in the halls, people whisper and point,
Whenever she walks by.

She's a sweet and beautiful teenage girl,
With a friendly sort of charm.
But she has no friends in her public high school,
Because she carries a Bible under her arm.

She never shows up for the after-school parties,
She's still a virgin and she doesn't drink.
She goes to church and she prays everyday,
And she doesn't care what the others think.

And every night before she sleeps,
She cries out to God for her public school.
"Dear Lord," she pleads, "Please give me strength,
Sometimes I feel like such a fool."

But she keeps her chin up every school day,
And she walks the halls with her head held high.
"Lord," she prays, "Please help this school,
I don't want to see my classmates die."

Dear Father, have mercy on the schools of our land.
We Christians are crying out to you,
For the students and teachers of our public schools.
Restore "Under God" to our read, white, and blue.

Show us, O God, how to reach their hearts,
How to let them see that it's you who rules.
Forgive us, dear Jesus, for the sins that we've done,
And send revival to our public schools!
What's your prayer?

Added: 3/30/2005 2:17:11 PM
By: admin@innerstate180.com

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