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Saturday, June 22, 2024  

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Obama's Controversial Pastor

Here is a website I was directed to by a few people this past week.  It has an in-depth article on Barack Obama's contraversial senior pastor and church.  With Obama's strong support from young voters and his claim of Christianity, it is important to learn more about these candidates rather than just jump on the charismatic bandwagon.  With 20 years under the leadership of this pastor and church, there is no doubt it has greatly shaped the man that Barack has become.  The link below has the full story on Obama's "Christian" influence and some videos of the pastor's teaching also.
Questions for further thought:
  • How has Trinity Church twisted the message of the Gospel to support its political agenda?
  • Why is it important that churches do not preach politics from the pulpit?
  • What "flags" from the Trinity philosphy of ministry are most disturbing?
  • How could the mission of Trinity Church influence Obama as president?


Added: 3/17/2008 8:33:50 AM
By: admin@innerstate180.com

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