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Hurricane “End Time Havoc”?


Wesleyan Church Leaders Call Hurricane

“End Time Havoc”

Mobilizing Members


Calling Hurricane Katrina’s damage to southern coastal states in America “an end time havoc,” The Wesleyan Church’s Board of General Superintendents, administrative, and spiritual leaders of the Fishers, Indiana-based denomination has mobilized the Church—which has congregations and ministries in 80 countries—to pray, give funds, and volunteer labor in the clean-up and restoration efforts.  Saying, “Let the Church rise up in prayer and action as God directs us day by day,” the church leaders also asked The Wesleyan Church World Headquarters departments and personnel to set aside daily times of prayer for the victims and displaced persons of the region affected.


Expressing their personal concern and condolences for those who have lost loved ones, livelihood, and properties, the Board of General Superintendents is encouraging the Church’s members to work with World Hope International—a faith-based relief and development organization—in meeting the overwhelming needs of people affected by the Hurricane.  World Hope International partners with The Wesleyan Church in worldwide compassionate ministries.  The Alexandria, Virginia-based organization is mobilizing teams of volunteers, receiving and disbursing contributions, and providing resources for regional ministries in helping with what the General Superintendents have described as “a national disaster of unequaled proportion.”


Early reports indicate that three of the Church’s congregations in the region have sustained extensive damage.  Faith Community Wesleyan Church in Kenner, La., located near the New Orleans International Airport, has experienced extensive flooding.  Its members have taken refuge in neighboring states, waiting word on when they will be able to return to their homes.  Magnolia Springs Wesleyan in Magnolia Springs, Ala., is without electricity and has experienced wind damage.  Bayou La Batre Wesleyan in Irvington, Ala. (a town on the waterfront south of Mobile), has experienced wind damage. 


Since the Bayou La Batre church sits on higher ground, it is being used as a shelter for over 70 people. Rescued by emergency personnel, those taking refuge in the church arrived at the church with nothing but the clothes on their back.  The church has no lights, running water, or communications, but it is providing meals for the refugees.  Bayou La Batre Wesleyan has a thrift store ministry located in the heart of town that has been destroyed by flooding, leaving the town without a major source of relief help. South Coastal District Superintendent Dan Berry is working with World Hope and District personnel in helping to coordinate relief efforts for the community.  He said, “We can’t help everyone, but we can help this town.  This is a town that we can wrap our arms around and make an impact for Christ.” 


The Wesleyan Church is not only seeking to meet the needs of its congregations in the region; it is also urging its constituents to help local communities in relief efforts. Funds are needed for relief and clean up efforts. You can contribute by donating online at www.worldhope.org or directly to: World Hope International, P.O. Box 96338, Washington, DC 20090-6338.  Anyone interested in volunteering in the relief efforts, please contact Shirley Homan, Hope Corps Disaster Relief Coordinator, at shirleyh@cwcmilton.org or by phone at 570-742-8987 ext. 241 or 570-538-9132.


More on the Disaster Relief Project…


I am sure you are all following what is being called "America's greatest natural disaster".  Christ Wesleyan’s own Shirley Homan(whose greatest strength has been in forming disaster relief teams) has been asked by World Hope and The Wesleyan Church, to help manage relief teams to this disaster.  We believe she can do it!  Please pray for Shirley in this demanding time.  If you feel you would like to be a part of a team in the immediate or near future to help bring relief to the many refugees, please contact our office or respond to this email.  There may be an announcement of a meeting that may happen on Sunday morning.  All of these details are very tentative!  Please let us know your earliest availability and the time length you are available.  There may be a number of small teams for a number of weeks.  More info on trips and support will follow.  Pray for the thousands that are affected by this disaster.


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