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WBB Nationals 2007

Dear CWC Family,
I just wanted to make sure you had a full understanding of our Bible Bowl teams.  We had three teams that entered, (Wow!) and they did a great job in representing CW!  Their story is on the The Wesleyan Church’s website.
This team is to be congratulated as their total winnings in scholarship for individuals on the team amounted to $11,750.
These kids are awesome!  I am so proud of them and I know you are too.
Pastor Arlie
IWU Hosts First Bible Bowl Invitational (Full Story)
Team captains Angela Schram, Brookings; Ryan Seibert, Milton A; and Brandon Clark, College A pause during individual competition during the first-ever National Wesleyan Bible Bowl Invitational. They led their respective teams to third, second, and first place.
Over 70 quizzers from 15 teams, 11 churches, and five states competed for more than $50,000 in scholarships at the first-ever Wesleyan National Bible Bowl Invitational July 25-28 at Indiana Wesleyan University.
After three days and 27 rounds of team competition over the book of Acts, the top three teams from previous years took the first three trophies again. College Wesleyan A of Marion, IN, captured first place. Second place went to Christ Wesleyan A of Milton, PA, while third place went to Brookings (SD) Wesleyan. Cypress (OH) Wesleyan captured fourth.
Milton A, Brookings, and Cypress all finished the championship round 5-2, with the final placing determined by total points scored.
Eight teams competed in division A. Rounding out the placings were Penfield, NY, a two-man team, fifth; Milton B, sixth; Cherryville, PA, seventh; and Weedville, PA, eighth.
Every member of the top eight teams received scholarships that can used at any Wesleyan college, ranging from $1,000 for first place team members to $100 for the eighth place team.
In Division B, Milton C captured first; Merrill, IN, second; and Mount Zion, IN, third. Other churches competing were Augustaville, PA; Union Street, IN; and two additional teams from College Wesleyan.
For the first time ever, scholarships were awarded for head-to-head individual toss-up and written competition.
The top 10 quizzers in toss up competition were Ben Vickery, College A, $3,500; Brandon Clark, College A, $3,000; Kari Seibert, Milton B, $2,500; Joel Spangler, Cypress, $2,000; Angela Schram, Brookings, $1,500; Marcus Elia, Penfield, $1,000; Chad Clark, College A, $500; Abby Lotchefeld, Cypress, $500; Matthew Fritz, Penfield, $250; and Ryan Seibert, Milton A, $250.
The top in written quiz scores were Ben Vickery, College A, $3,500; Marcus Elia, Penfield, $3,000; Ryan Seibert, Milton A, $2,500; Brandon Clark, College A, $2,000; Matthew Fritz, Penfield, $1,500; Kari Seibert, Milton B, $1,000; Abby Lotchefeld, Cypress, $500; Marisa Hinderaker, Brookings, $500; Angela Schram, Brookings, $250; and J.C. Reich, Milton A, $250.  (See http://wbbquiz.org/ for more results.)
While it is true that certain teams rose the top to win the competition, every single person walked away a winner because they know God and the Word better than they did before, said Terwilliger, national WBB director. Lives have been changed, and young people have hidden His word in their minds and hearts. God will be able to use that Scripture in their lives for years to come, which is really what this is all about.

Added: 8/16/2007 2:00:29 PM
By: admin@innerstate180.com

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