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Sri Lanka: Post Relief Address

World Hope International Receives Word from
Sri Lanka:  Post Relief Address
The Wesleyan Church grieves over the tens of thousands of people who have lost their lives, family members, and homes as a result of the recent tidal wave that impacted Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka.  Currently we have not had any reported deaths of Wesleyans in these areas. However, all are significantly impacted.
Following is a note just received from our leadership team in Sri Lanka.
"Thank you very much for your concern and prayers.  Yes, things here are pretty bad and we are very saddened and moved by the devastation.  Although we are not personally affected, many of our fellow citizens are affected.  It is very difficult to bear. I met a man yesterday on the streets crying and saying that he is going to take his life away because he lost everything.  I screamed at him not to do it.  I met another young man whose brother was missing.  He needed clothing and we gave him some clothes.  Almost all of the people who were not affected by this tragedy in the country have responded to help in an unprecedented manner.  The days ahead are going to be crucial because many thousands have no place to stay because they have nothing to return to. I hope the international aid that is coming will be sufficient and that it will get to the needy people to rebuild their homes, etc."
Asia and Pacific Area Wesleyan leaders continue to assess the situation and mobilize their leaders.   We invite you to pray for those caught up in this tragedy and prepare to assist with our strategic response.
The Wesleyan Church through World Hope International will focus on the needs in Indonesia and Sri Lanka.  Our local leadership team in both places will be able to meet immediate needs.

Added: 12/30/2004 3:38:47 PM
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