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Saturday, April 20, 2024  

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Primp My Ride

We featured an old '90 Toyota Camry LE that needed some serious work, and took it through a 6 week process of renovation.  The first week of our series we focused on the cleaning and general maintenance that needs to take place before any serious modifications can begin.  The following weeks looked at cosmetics: the way we look, sound: the noise we make, edging: the complete picture, and ride: the places we go.  We wrapped up the series with some finishing touches and a grand finale of the final changes.  The transformation was amazing, we took that old tin can and turned it into a ride that anyone would be proud of.  Just like this car, there is some personal renovation that needs to happen in all of our lives.  It can take an ordinary life and turn it into something extraordinary and full of purpose.  We would love to share this with you.  This series is over, but the renovation continues.

You can check out the latest excitement at i-180 every Wednesday night at 7:00pm. 

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 Primp My Ride - Commercial 1 (WMV)

Week 1

 Primp My Ride - Week 1 Highlight (WMV)
 Primp My Ride - Week 1 Interview 1 (WMV)
 Primp My Ride - Week 1 Interview 2 (WMV)

Week 2

 Primp My Ride - Week 2 Highlight 1 (WMV)
 Primp My Ride - Week 2 Highlight 2 (WMV)
 Primp My Ride - Week 2 Work 1 (WMV)

 Primp My Ride - Week 2 Work 2 (WMV)

Week 3

 Primp My Ride - Week 3 Highlight 1 (WMV)
 Primp My Ride - Week 3 Highlight 2 (WMV)
 Primp My Ride - Week 3 Work (WMV)

Week 4

 Primp My Ride - Week 4 Highlight 1 (WMV)
 Primp My Ride - Week 4 Highlight 2 (WMV)
 Primp My Ride - Week 4 Work 1 (WMV)

 Primp My Ride - Week 4 Work 2 (WMV) 

Week 5

 Primp My Ride - Week 5 Highlight 1 (WMV)
 Primp My Ride - Week 5 Highlight 2 (WMV)
 Primp My Ride - Week 5 Work (WMV)

Week 6

 Primp My Ride - Week 6 Highlight (WMV)
 Primp My Ride - Week 6 Work (WMV)

Week 7

 Primp My Ride - Final Highlight 1 (WMV)
 Primp My Ride - Final Highlight 2 (WMV)
 Primp My Ride - Final Work 1 (WMV)
 Primp My Ride - Final Work 2 (WMV)

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