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Saturday, April 20, 2024  

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We made it!  Eight youth and three leaders had a six-day survival experience they will never forget, and neither will you.

This series looked at the impact others have on our lives and the impact we can have on them.  The popular reality TV series Survivor puts ordinary people in a survival challenge that focuses on exploiting others to win a prize.  We believe that the purpose of our lives isn't survival, but to thrive in Christ.

Main Entry: thriver
Pronunciation: 'thrI-v&r
Function: noun
1: one who vigorously grows; FLOURISHES
2: one who gains in wealth or possessions; PROSPERS
3: one who progresses toward or realizes a goal; DRIVEN

THRIVER showed us how to overcome the mediocre Christian life and learn to thrive in Christ.  We learned from the nation of Israel as they had to survive in the wilderness for many years following their escape from Egypt and from our own week of survival.

THRIVER taught us all a valuable lesson...  there is a big difference between surviving and thriving in this world!


Innerstate 180 traveled to a remote wilderness with eight students from different schools in our area to have a Survivor experience with a positive twist.  The location was undisclosed to the participants, who only had a knife, canteen, and a Bible to survive with for six days.  The eight youth were divided randomly into two teams and had six survival challenges to compete in during the week.  A Thriver Council meeting was held each night to vote for the Most Valuable Teammate each day.  This MVT earned a very valuable reward to assist them that week or they had an opportunity to trade that in for something the entire team could use.  This entire week was video taped and was used in our THRIVER Kick-Off series in the fall of 2006.

The 8 Youth

Bryce Diener, Nate Hoover, Logan Walters, Drew Ulmer, Jana Baysore, Melinda Bachman, Michelle Bachman, and Heather Reeder

The 3 Leaders

Pastor Scott Kendall, Erin Kendall, and Brian Paulhamus

What did they eat?  Where did they sleep?  How did they keep warm?  How did everyone get along?  These questions and many more will be answered as you see the footage from the survival week.  There were many twists for the participants throughout the week and you will have to see most of it to believe it!!!

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