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Friday, May 24, 2024  

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REAL Amazing Race

This exciting series took the entire group through a series of challenges to emerge with one overall winner. The challenges were crazy, the prizes huge, and everyone had a chance to win!  See the results below.

We also be learned about the REAL Amazing Race before us all. We all have times in our lives when our walk with God feels like a solo effort of just going through the motions. This series helped us experience God as part of a team.  We learned how to get over the life hurdles of family, school, relationships, respect, and more!

We had 20 youth commit themselves to personal holiness on our final night!!!  These individuals committed to pursue personal holiness in every area of their lives.  They also committed to participate in weekly accountability and our I-180 youth devotional program.

14 more took that big step the following Sunday morning...

Melinda Bachman, Jana Baysore, Rachel Broschart, Olivia Brouse, Jackie Buck, Megan Davis, Billy Deitrick, Sarah Geise, Meredith Lemley, Spencer Lemley, Dylan Longnecker, Sarah Miller, Cassie Mitcheltree, Toby Mosley, Adam Paulhamus, Jeff Paulhamus, Brianna Pfleegor, Chaese Pickett, Chris Porter, Heather Reeder, Caryn Rehm, Gwen-Iris Reich, J. C. Reich, Megan Seawood, Kari Seibert, Tyler Specht, Miranda Speece, Hannah Tamblin, Bekah Troutman, Andrew Troxell, Samuel Tyler, Wesley Ulmer, Tommy Weber, Becca Wilcox

We are proud of all of you!!!

...The Media Downloads......
Week #1
Hot air, scooters, scrambled words, mystery shake...
Week #2
Bicycle tubes, memory verses, cow tongues...
Week #3
Socks, 2x4s, some great food...
A real amazing date...
Week #4
Winter clothes, eggs, crosswords...
Week #5
Boxes, low crawling, milk & pie...
Week #6
Cups, dodge-balls, bubble gum...
Week #7 - Finals
6 minutes, 9 challenges, intense...
A real amazing track meet...
Series Pictures

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